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I Support Anna Hazare

                                     “Corruption Hatav Anna”

Eruption of corruption is more dangerous than any disaster in the world. Few powerful peoples eating hard earned money of common man and let 125 cr people of the largest democracy fool by their bad work. It has to be minimised as can not be eliminated 100% ; has to be!!.  Anna and team is doing right thing by proposing the most effective draft of Jan Lokpal bill. If i am not wrong they are not forcing govt. to accept entire Jan Lokpal but they wish it has to be strong enough to punish the defaulters. It is very difficult to expect the good thing from bad peoples but we expect comprehensive bill which will help to reduce the corruption at least by 50-60%. We will be more than happy to pay fine if i break the traffic rule but i will not pay for not following rules.


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When i was in college i use to believe that years of experience in any field means you are the master of that by the time but later came to know that it’s not the complete true. Earlier i feel that experience is the only function of time but later came to know it’s not only function of time, is the function of the activities how you performed in time. what are your objectives during the time? as during my site experience i found lot individuals with years of experience has just passed the time as came and not as developed on work front as they suppose to be. it may be my view, there definitely different?. Experience either create trained manpower or skilled manpower and second is very rear in all part of industry.

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What After 12th Class?

It’s really a big question surrounded by many possibilities, assumptions and myths. Most of the student have either only two option provided they got good cards to show, one health sciences and two engineering. when i start thinking, i always end up confused about strategies of today’s almost 90-95% students as no one is sure about their future actions. Everybody is blank when asked What you going to do one you got this stream? Who you are to be after completing this?

I will very very happy if you could through some light on the topic.

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Which is the Best Font for Printing Documents

Though we are headed towards an era of paperless offices where all the information would be in strict digital format, the pace is quite slow. That ink-sucking printer is still an indispensable part of your home office because you are frequently required to print invoices, emails, web pages and other documents on paper.

You have a document – say some training material or presentation handouts – that you want to print without sacrificing readability.

Fonts like Arial, Times News Roman, Courier, Helvetica, etc. are generally available on every machine but which one among them is the most economic typeface when it comes to printing?

 Matt Robinson recently conducted a fairly unique study to determine the ink usage of these different typefaces. They used ballpoint pens to hand draw the same text at the same size but using different fonts and here’s the result.

Garamond* followed by Courier turned out to be the most economic fonts of them all while Impact and Comic Sans consumed the maximum ink. This is definitely not a “scientific study” but you still get the idea.

Be Green and Keep Environment Clean

Save Ink – Save Paper – Save Trees